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Your time is important, it's why we offer a FREE PICKUP and DROP OFF Service.

We provide customers with the most efficient engine reconditioning service in the area.

Customers engines are serviced with the largest supply of new and reconditioned cylinders in the region.

New engine parts are kept in stock or are available overnight.

Engine parts available include heads, crankshafts, camshafts, conrods, blocks, sumps and covers, all engines covered.

All machine operations are done on the premises

    Engine reconditioning Rebore & honing
    Torque plate honing
    Cylinder block decking
    Crankshaft grinding
    Engines balanced
    Pressure testing
    Crack testing
    Valve seat inserting
    Valve guide replacement
    Spring pressure setting
    Conrod resizing
    Small end resizing
    Alloy welding
    Chemical cleaning of parts
    Bead blasting
    Flywheel machining
Engines cylinder head surface grinding and flywheel machining can be done at short notice.
We service all makes of engines including Ford engines, Holden engines, Mazda engines, Nissan engines.
All motor servicing and repairs carry our service guarantee.
02 6282 5555